Tuesday · 08 October 2013 · 18:42hrs
Istituto Italiano di Studi Germanici · Villa Sciarra-Wurts sul Gianicolo
Via Calandrelli 25 · 00153 Roma

Rochus Aust · composition/spatial planning/trumpet
Fosco Perinti · voice/light/melodica
Florian Zwissler · synthesizer/light
Markus Aust · sound direction/light/melodica

A language for everyone, or at least for all those who are interested.
A language of visual and acoustic poetry.
A language, as simple as a sudoku.

A language for the Greek philosopher and his Swedish cleaning lady.
A language for the Egyptian doctor and her British gardener.
A language for the Namibian rapper and his Thai physiotherapist.

A language made up of simple components, which can be combined and complicated, as we need it and as the fancy takes us, ad infinitum.
A language for opera AND bureaucracy.
A language for the instruction leaflet AND the fortune cookie.
A language for fashion AND the road sign.

Rome alone boasts such profound experience with world languages, Rome alone possesses detailed knowledge about successful international influence and Rome alone understands the true highs and lows of aesthetico-surgical change of content by means of the tiniest of particles: only Rome can do justice to this vision.

Let us take the word ‘kfong’, for example. 5 characters in the square. 4 blanks. 5 basic meanings, 4 possibilities of combining it with individual characters, 2 possibilities of combining it with two-character words, 1 possibility of combining it with four-character words, double and triple combinations with individual characters, and two-character or three-character words respectively, 5 positional combinations, combinations for mirroring and rotation with extensions to the right, left, top and bottom and the same amount of reverse combinations. The number of internal combinations (character-immanent) is overwhelming, let alone the external (implemented) ones.

Therefore there is a lot that can be done with the ordinary ‘kfong’: premature deliveries are initiated, wars are fought, shoes produced, love explained (the latter, admittedly, not exactly in the most ingenious fashion).
And ‘kfong’ can do even more: when mirrored it already contains all the data and instructions for the formal examination of the above-mentioned events: healthcare providers retrieve contributions, collateral damage is repaid using international ratios of allocation, shoe laces are quality checked and the availability of divorce papers is maintained, just in case.

This example is only the beginning and nothing more than an explanatory model, whereas ‘kfong’, without any combinations, is completely devoid of meaning and nothing but a mere wispy cloud of logic in the visionaries’ sky. Until 2063, however, the non-European test population is meant to be able to speak fluently, to compose poems and to administrate. Kfong!

Under the patronage of the Embassy of the Federal Rupublic of Germany