Sunday · 25 August 2013 · 20:30hrs
Lake at Volksgarten/Heller’s Biergarten
Volksgartenstr. 27 · 50677 Köln

Rochus Aust · composition/spatial planning/flugelhorn
Bosco Pohontsch · trumpet
Florian Zwissler · synthesizer
Jonas Baeck · trombone/voice
Jean Paul Baeck · trombone/voice
Oxana Omelchuk · Melodika/specials
Constantin Herzog · Kontrabass
Malina Mantcheva · Violine
Alexander Andonov · Perkussion
Sabine Akiko Ahrendt · Violine
Vita Tepel · specials
Didem Hitit · Ausstattung/specials
Markus Aust · Klangdesign/Melodika

Will we be producing hovercraft for individual travel in order to finally overcome our potholes and those of the world or are we more likely to make highly efficient software for carnival?
Will we export tolerance and kindness or rather disciplined cosiness, Kölsch beer as an effervescent powder for intergalactic bars, electronically radiophonic WLAN songs or none of the above?

For a long time Cologne has been debating and finally – after being the only city that wanted to enter into the competition with two visions* - managed to focus on its core competency: Hysteron-proteron (latter before) or: everything will remain the way it is. Because for a vision of consistent steadiness, of defying change, of the future as a past impregnated by the present what we need more than just daring inactivity is, above all, trust in the vision of the non-vision as such.
At the same time Cologne is not adverse to all things visionary, as long as they are not too visionary and definitely not too hasty like, for example, a fifty-year timeframe. Cologne remains steadfast and thus also stress resistant in the face of vision mongering, which only exerts unnecessary pressure and a certain amount of compulsion to make a move. Those, however, who think this can be put on a level with a lack of vision**, are very wrong indeed: because the circle, too, is a perfect shape and rotation – no matter in which direction – is a reputable movement and can hardly be denounced as stagnation.

Vision Cologne 0.1 (from the first stage of the application)
The state of Cologne’s roads has been a contentious issue for many years. In order to solve this once and for all, a tyre/chassis application will be developed which, throughout the journey, will mask all the bumps of the route. Not only will the Mobile Centrifugal Airbag Trigger (MoZArT) save several millions in road maintenance costs, as the device will have to be paid for by the owner of the vehicle, it will also solve all arguments related to speed because the centrifugal force will only work up to a rate of 23 km/h. A beautiful vision: travelling through Cologne with MoZArT and doing 23 km/h or simply not at all. And the rhythmical plopping of the trigger and the in- and deflating of the airbag will be a nostalgic reminder of those glorious days, when music in Cologne started to be electronic.

Vision Cologne 0.2 (from the first stage of the application)
CARNIVAL BEYOND GALAXY: Cologne has always been good at remembering its cultural foundations while, at the same time, extending its gaze far beyond its own nose. That is why being twinned with Rio is often considered the precursor to the vision CARNIVAL BEYOND GALAXY: carnival = friend, even if nobody understands anything.
And so we have entrusted the wisest and most capable with the task of writing the future carnival music for the remotest galaxies. Recorded in the complex mp12 format and using a rather simple mp12 slingshot it is meant to reach an orbit far beyond the Milky Way.
The advantage is quite clear: if there ever were to be invading aliens, they would be well-disposed towards Cologne for: carnival = friend.

*Initially Cologne, as the only city in the competition, wanted to present two visions. Firstly, because Cologne has its citizens in mind (vision 0.1) and secondly, because Cologne focuses firmly on the future (vision 0.2).

**In the run-up to the competition wagging tongues had predicted that some cities would simply not be overly predestined for participation and also thought that the Cologne double vision alone was already an indication of a certain lack of vision.